Prominent Ear

Prominent Ear
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Protruding ears, which is a malformation of the ear that does not cause functional problems but is aesthetically disturbing, is a problem that can be treated with protruding ear aesthetics, which is performed with high success rates. Since it does not cause functional problems, it is not considered a distinct disease. Protruding ears, which are caused by the ear folds not forming sufficiently due to a weakness in the cartilage, are often genetic. Treatment at a young age is recommended, especially since trauma or complexes can develop due to problems such as ridicule in childhood.

The aesthetics of protruding ears are more preferred by men. The main reason for this is that women can hide their ears with their hair. Today, the problem of protruding ears can be treated quickly and easily with modern and simple techniques. Although protruding ears do not cause any functional changes, they can lead to various psychological problems, especially loss of self-confidence. It often causes children to stay away from social contacts or become lonely for fear of being ridiculed. With aesthetic ear aesthetics, the self-esteem and self-confidence of those affected increases, and they can continue their lives as happier and more sociable people.

Although ear aesthetics is a simple surgery, choosing the wrong doctor can make this simple procedure risky. Therefore, before undergoing aesthetic ear aesthetics, make sure that the doctor you work with is an expert and experienced in his or her field!

What Is a Protruding Ear and Why Does It Occur?

Protruding ears are when the ear protrudes forward or to the side due to loose ear cartilage or insufficient ear folds. Protruding ears usually have no underlying cause and run in families. Although they often occur in both ears, it is rare to see them in only one ear. The fact that people have protruding ears does not mean they have health problems.

The cause of the problem of protruding ears can be expressed in medical terminology: The fold in the pinna is called antihelix, and the cartilages in the inner part of the pinna are called conchal cartilages. The reason for the problem of protruding ear is that the part of antihelix is not fully formed or the conchal cartilages are overdeveloped. In order for protruding ear surgery to be successful, a detailed evaluation must be made and the method to be used must be determined based on that evaluation. How is  ear aesthetics performed and how much does  ear aesthetic surgery cost?

Before Protruding Ear Aesthetics

Before an ear aesthetics procedure is performed, a comprehensive examination must first be performed by a specialist. During the examination, the patient will be given detailed information about  ear aesthetics and the procedure of the surgery. What patients need to know before ear surgery is the following:

  • The doctor should be informed of any pre-existing conditions, medications taken, or concerns about the surgery,
  • Blood thinners should be discontinued 1 week before the surgery date,
  • Smoking and alcohol consumption should be stopped at all costs.


It should be remembered that some complications may occur after plastic surgery. Therefore, it is extremely important that patients follow the rules both before and after surgery.

How is Protruding Ear Aesthetics Performed?

Protruding ear aesthetics is usually performed under local anaesthesia. However, for individuals or children who are not suitable for local anaesthesia, it can be performed under general anaesthesia. The procedural steps of protruding ear aesthetics, which takes about 1 hour, are as follows:

  • Since the scars behind the ear will not be very visible, the incision is made behind the ear,
  • The cartilage part is reached through the incision and the necessary angle is created by corrections,
  • The ear is fixed in the correct position and the incision is closed with aesthetic sutures.
  • Since the sutures dissolve by themselves, it is not necessary to remove them.


Usually, patients can be discharged immediately after this surgery. However, if the procedure is performed under general anaesthesia, patients must remain under observation for 1 night. This method is the most commonly used method for the aesthetics of the protruding ear. However, the aesthetics of the protruding ear aesthetics can also be performed with sutures.

Protruding Ear Surgery With Thread

For the aesthetics of the protruding ear with thread, no incision is required, so it is not a surgical procedure. Since there is no incision, there is no scar left after the ear aesthetics. In non-surgical ear reattachment aesthetics, medical threads are pulled from the upper part of the ear cartilage with the help of a needle, and the ears are brought to the desired angle with the help of these threads. The procedure takes only 15 minutes. After the procedure, the protruding ear disappears in patients.

Patients can immediately return to their everyday life after the aesthetics of the protruding ears. This is also confirmed by the comments of those who have undergone ear surgery with stitches. In order for the surgery to be successful in the long term, it is of great importance to make the right choice among the doctors who perform ear aesthetics with thread. If you want to get detailed information about the prices of ear surgery with thread, you can contact us right now.

After Ear Aesthetics

Ear aesthetics is considered a risk-free procedure with high success rates. After successful  ear aesthetics, it is not possible for patients to experience serious pain or suffering. Therefore, normal life can be resumed quickly. In the case of surgery under local anaesthesia, discharge is possible the same day, and in the case of surgery under general anaesthesia, the next day. In both cases, paediatric patients are observed for one night.

Things to know and rules to follow after  ear aesthetic surgery are as follows:

  • For the first week after surgery, you should lie on your back and avoid lying on your side and covering your ears.
  • The ear and hair bands recommended by the doctor should be used regularly, and the ear should be protected from shocks while using the bands.
  • The prescribed medications should be taken regularly and the control program should be followed,
  • You can take a shower after the first bandage change.


Also, you should refrain from using a hair dryer because of the numbness in the ear area. As long as the doctor’s recommendations are strictly followed, there is no opening after  ear aesthetics. Those who agree to surgery have a guarantee that they will follow these rules.

Things to Know About Ear Aesthetics

Children with aesthetically poor looking ears may experience problems such as fear of ridicule and alienation from the social environment. This means that the person loses self-esteem and self-confidence. Therefore, before starting the adventure of school, it is recommended to perform aesthetic surgery on the ears. First of all, children need to know that protruding ears are a treatable problem.

If you do not have enough time and wonder what you should know about the aesthetics of protruding ears, this short list can help you:

  • Protruding ears are a surgical procedure performed to correct the appearance of large or drooping ears.
  • Although protruding ear aesthetics is a procedure that can be performed at any age, age 5 to 6 is considered the best time.
  • Local anaesthesia is preferred unless there is another need during the procedure.
  • Since the drooping or size of the auricle may vary from person to person, the method also varies accordingly. In the first method, the ear cartilage is reshaped, while in the second method, the ears are fixed in a better position with the help of medical sutures.
  • The incision scars of the procedure remain behind the ear and are usually not very visible. These scars become pale with time.
  • It is considered normal to experience pain after an aesthetic ear aesthetics. This pain can be controlled with painkillers prescribed by the doctor.
  • Check-ups should be performed as directed by the surgeon. The first check-up after ear correction is usually on the third day.
  • Complications such as bleeding or rupture of sutures occur extremely rarely after ear aesthetics. As long as a specialist is preferred, this risk does not exist.
  • The results of ear aesthetics are permanent for life.
  • During ear aesthetic surgery, there is no damage to the tissues or nerves in the ear. There is no loss of sensation or similar problems.


Finally, it is always beneficial to choose doctors who have good reviews for ear aesthetics and have received positive feedback from their patients. After all, those who have dealt with the aesthetics of the ear are the best source that can give you suggestions on the subject.

Ear Aesthetics Prices

As with all aesthetic surgeries, there are several factors that determine  ear surgery prices. The most important, of course, is the experience and quality of the doctor. The more experienced a doctor is and the more successful his past experiences have been, the higher the prices can be. However, since it is a subject directly related to health and the aesthetics of the ear directly affects people’s lives, the prices for the aesthetics of the ear should not always be the most important issue. After all, an ear aesthetics unsuccessfully performed by a non-specialist doctor causes much higher costs and can have consequences that negatively affect your business life, social life and health. Therefore, choosing the right doctor should always be your priority.

All concerns can be eliminated when the specialist explains to you how  ear aesthetics is performed and informs you about the details of the procedure. To address these concerns and identify the extent of your problem, an examination is first required. Your needs, as revealed by this examination, are also among the factors that determine ear aesthetics pricing. This is because while the procedure may take 15 minutes for another patient, it may take 1 hour for you, and this directly affects the prices. Thats why, you must first make an appointment and create an individual treatment plan with your doctor.

If you want to know how much ear aesthetics costs and make an appointment by getting detailed information about ear aesthetics prices, you can contact us now.

Frequently Asked Questions About Otoplasty

Does prominent ear surgery provide a permanent result?

Yes, the corrections obtained as a result of prominent ear surgery are permanent. As the ears are brought closer to the head, the unwanted ear shape is corrected and a more natural appearance is achieved.

Is prominent ear surgery a painful procedure?

Since local anesthesia is used during prominent ear surgery, no pain or discomfort is felt during surgery. There may be a slight discomfort and swelling after the surgery, but this can usually be controlled with painkillers.

Is prominent ear surgery risky?

Prominent ear surgery involves some risks, as with any surgical procedure. These may include infection, bleeding, tissue damage and wound healing problems. However, the risks are minimized when performed by an experienced plastic surgeon.

Who is a suitable candidate for prominent ear surgery?

Generally healthy individuals are suitable candidates for prominent ear surgery. The surgery is suitable for people who want to correct drooping or large ears. It is also a preferred option to correct prominent ear problems in children at an early age.

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